Network error code 99993. Discover the full range of PoE

Over the past few years (since kernel-fixing rootkits became widespread), you’ve come across a particularly nasty STOP error many times, to which technicians usually respond by simply repairing or cleaning the operating system. It looks something like c000021a:

STOP: fatal system error

Windows system logon process terminated unexpectedly with status 0x[Misc] (0x[Misc] 0x[Misc]). system is disabled.

Where [miscellaneous] is a set of all hexadecimal error codes that, in the opinion of experts, can be applied.

How to fix “no internet connection” error on Windows 10?

To fix some post-processing Internet connection warnings for Windows 10 version 2004, follow these steps: Open Windows Search. Find “Registry Editor”. Change “EnableActiveProbing” and even change the value from “0” to allow them to “1”. Click OK. Close Registry Editor.

In this simple case, restoring the registry to the previous locale, as I wrote earlier, does not completely solve the problem.

There are threads and pages all over the web dealing with this fact, but in reality they all offer different systems and most of them don’t seem to work. Microsoft has a document related to the Windows NT operating system that attributes it to the PendingFileRenameOperations registry key, which is most likely used by malware and anti-malwaremi programs to perform rename operations on reboot. However, fixing the key they refer to won’t solve our own problem either.

When this happens after a cleanup, I usually find that the issue is related to a problem with the patched kit file. I’m sure not, but it almost always seems to be what winlogon.exe does.

In any case, there’s an easy way to make sure the problem is fixed: find and replace the cynical file! This can be done in several ways:

  1. Boot into a custom OS or slave drive, check system files (or run a trojan scanner) and replace absolutely bad files with healthy duplicates (see below).
  2. Perform a file system check from the Windows Recovery Console by typing sfc /scannow.
  3. Boot from the MS DART ERD Commander for Windows disk and run System File Repair from a shell (this is my personal preferred method).

If you are going to manually check and/or replace the exact files, I suggest you search for company information and see all files, which may not include common Microsoft information. If a suspicious music file is found, check its MD5 hash and google it to make sure it’s a known corrected copy.

Once you’ve identified the type of culprit, navigate to the system32\dllcache directory and copy the appropriate document from there to the correct location. If not, or if the emulator is bad too, restore it from the Windows CD or look for a folder named \i386. Of course, you can also search the entire Windows folder to find downloaded copies of service packs and all Windows updates for a while. Just make sure you have the correct version.

For almost all current clients, the problematic files were Explorer.exe and Winlogon.exe. Both were fixed by a rootkit and needed to be replaced. After that, the system booted without problems.

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