lordarcadius/electrablue_mido: well optimized custom

Xiaomi released its source just on 05/17/17 on mm. THIS IS COOL, TOO FINALLY THE END OF THE WAITING. You can expect a special From core sooner kernelmodo.com later (I’m busy), however, if most of the traditions really come from me, the product won’t be so over the top. this branch will support active development, be aware of repacks, other custom kernels!

What is a repack?

To put it simply, a repack is the main port. I can run the kernel as AEX RRN and compress it happily, but please note that my repacks are for optimized battery life and some keep transmission. I could add bonus scripts in the long run, but I’m also trying to get this to work right now.

Please light up for your viewing pleasure. I try my best to experiment with each version, but maybe I just don’t have the time. I’ve got work to do at home, so rehearsals and stuff, and I need a good night’s sleep to (grow up, I’m 13) frankly tolerate me.

I am NOT responsible for anything that happens to the device

brain your human puff flash

Just after flashing the roms. He will get his.

It’s all from these optimized RAM disks. can be found in the git repo above.name


in order to teach me how to repack and stay calm



be an awesome XDDD (e.g. the best tester as well as a consultant)



– Clear dalvik and memory cache after flashing. trends and dalvik launch mode will be found changed

– something is wrong? Pull requests are always welcome! (just remember to download the latest version upstream)

– Pre-release exists before Git release, go ahead and flash if you want

– The protective grid remained intact, as all improvements are visible directly in boot.img

– The theme is still in development, you understand that at the moment it may look ugly


wiredTO READ


 Kernel version linux 3.x 

These are the release notes for Linux version 3. Read them carefully
they explain what it is, tips explain installation
The kernel and what to do in case of problems.


Linux is still a clone of Unix, written from scratch.
Torvalds linus with the support of a good close-knit team of hackers
small clean. It aims to conform to the Unique unix posix specification.

It has all the features you would expect from a modern Unix,
including true full multitasking, web storage, shared libraries, requests
Collaborative streaming, copying common executables while managing recording, corresponding secure digital,
multi-stack AND networks, including IPv4 and IPv6.

It is literally licensed under the General gnu Public License.
See accompanying COPYING file for details.


Although it was originally designed for 32-bit x86 computers (386 or later),
Today, Linux also (at least) usually runs on Compaq Alpha AXP, Sun SPARC and
UltraSPARC, Motorola 68000, PowerPC64, PowerPC, ARM, Hitachi SuperH, cell phone,
IBM S/390, HP mips, Intel pa-risc, IA-64, DEC VAX, AMD x86-64, CRIS,
Xtensa, Tilera TILE, AVR32 and Renesas M32R architectures.

linux is easily portable to many general purpose 32 or 64 bit architectures.
although they have long since outsourced Absolute Memory Management (PMMU) to the module and a good port
GNU C Compiler (gcc) (part of the GNU Compiler Collection, GCC). Linux has
likewise which has been ported to a group of architectures without though
pmmu, The functionality is then obviously alternatively limited.
Linux is also ported to itself. Can you now run the kernel as
User Space Application − This is called User Mode Linux (UML).


- Only part of the larger documentation is available electronically
often on the Internet and in books, both on Linux and related
general UNIX questions. I would like to see the documentation
Each subdirectory in the online Linux FTP store for LDP (linux documentation
project) books. This README is not for certification
System: that there are many better sources.

In the subdirectory Documentation/ there isseveral readme files:
These people usually provide installation notes for a specific kernel.
some drivers, find an example. For documentation see /00-index enabling what
included in every file. Please view the changes as a file, es
Contains information about issues that may cause an update
its core.-

The Documentation/DocBook/ subdirectory contains several
also guides users of kernel developers. These guides can be provided in the form
Number of codecs: including PostScript (.PDF, HTML ps), and man pages.
After installing "Generate psdocs", "Generate pdfdocs", "Generate htmldocs",
Or Mandocs will display the make documentation in the desired format.

INSTALL the kernel source code:

der - when you install the full provider, you put Du from the kernel archive anywhere in the a.
A directory where someone has permissions (for example, AND
your directory):

home decompress gzip -cd linux-3.X.tar.gz Remains | fly in the ointment

xvf or

-power bzip2 linux-3.X.tar.bz2 Tar | xvf-

"X" Replace with the latest kernel setting number.

DO NOT use the entire /usr/src/linux area! The area has a completely new (usuallyincomplete) set of kernel headers used by headers
library files. Should they library, match and then not mix
regardless of the core of the day.

You can also patch between 3.x versions. Patches
Distributed in the traditional gzip format and the new bzip2.Zu format.
Apply get the fix, new batch of fix files
top-level kernel source (linux-3.X) and run:

-cd gzip ../patch-3.x.gz .| .patch-p1

. . . .Where

. . . .bzip2 .-stream .../patch-3.x.bz2 patch-p1

| "x" replaces for all strong versions greater than the "X" version of your current family
Source _in_order_, spec and everything should be fine. you may want to remove it.
repository or, (filename~ possibly filename.orig)
and make, which unfortunately are not in error zones (some-filename# or some-filename.rej).
If so, am I wrong?

Unlike patches for 3.x popcorn kernels, patches for 3.x.y kernels
(also known as healthy kernels) are not incremental, but instead apply
Directly for your 3.x kernel kernel. For if research, your core is kernel 3 now. 0
You want to apply patch 3.0.3 move, don't you need to apply 3 den.0.1 first
And 3 fixes.0.2. The same if the same, you use all 3 core.0.2 accounts and
to 3.0.3, you must first on 3.0.2 .(this .patch,
. .Patch .-R) .Apply ._before_ .Patch ..0.3 3 times. You can read more about this at

Alternatively, the script must certainly be Patch-kernel in order to use automated systems for this
treat. It defines the actual current version of the kernel, as well as any
found applies fixes.

linux/scripts/linux patch-kernel

The first argument in this command above is the city of residence
kernel source. Patches are updated from the application version