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Today we’re introducing all of the new Coast iPad products from Opera. Designed primarily for recreational diving, the focus is on stealth technology; which this browser treats as web applications, work gestures for navigation, so that nothing gets in the way of intuitive full-screen interaction.

The old buttons, menus, and icons (many of which have hardly changed in the last 20 years) are descended from the browser tiles. The beach gives back a large percentage; “Back” is a swipe to the right; adding it to the shortcode would be a simple swipe on the perfect website favicon; Reloading is a hard descent. The only remaining buttons are the Home button and the Recent Sites feature button.

We want Coast to help bridge the gap between two traditional web browsers that display many websites and applications. We don’t want native apps to get ahead of the web; we want the internet to win.

For Developers

Coast by Opera “spins” inwebsites (sorry for the malicious neologism!). Therefore, Coast Just Work™ should be used if you are creating websites that already work well on devices and browsers, and additionally touch large areas for large hands of children who pay attention to touch activities (maybe using HandJS, a polyfill developed for W3C Pointer Events). is to remove mouse and touch eavesdropping).

World Famous Coastal Size

Coast treats websites like apps: any icon you provide is required in order for users to find your website.

Typically, icon links along with the domain name are used to categorize pages of the same web application on the Coast home screen or in search results. You must use the same symbols, symbol references, and markup to find the pages you want to merge.

For the best image quality, Coast requires an image size for the web application to be 228 x 228 pixels, which is larger than tiled images Microsoft images with Apple Touch icons (144 x 144 pixels). Focusing on your element in your markup implies a character optimized for Coast:

It will not conflict with other icon snippets you may have already assigned from Iconcoast 8, Android, or iOS. If you don’t specify a 228 x 228 star, Coast uses a heuristic to determine your dog symbol.

Web Standards Support

Coast uses Apple’s UIWebView built into iOS. This is mainly based on WebKit.

Protected Coast

The Coast app is available on the App Store. Let’s pretend for a moment that this is the browser that comes with the iPad. We are interested to know what you think.

Patch 1.85

This patch updates Maker RPG 2000 to the latest version. (

help file

How do I check critical errors in Windows?

For example, to view only errors and critical events, click the main Windows log folder. Then click the “Create Custom View” command, usually in the action bar on the right. In the Create Custom View window, select the Critical and Error checkboxes.

If you don’t create a Maker RPG 2000 help file, open it here, it’s much more valuable than any tutorial.


This installer is often required for RPG Maker 2000 as it contains many useful files and resources.

RTP add-on 1.32

This installer will update your packageRPG 2000 Maker runtime to include additional resources (you need to configure RTP first).


A very important file is very important for RPG Maker games to work. If you’re getting a “Harmony.DLL not just found” error, this is what you’re looking for.


Extract these fonts to all C:\Windows\Fonts folders if the text looks compressed/unreadable when you read it.

Patch 1.08

This hotfix updates RPG Maker 2002 to the latest version.

help file

Download the RPG Maker 2003 help file which will teach you everything you really need to know about RPG Maker.


How do I find critical errors in Event Viewer?

To launch Event Viewer, click Start > Run, then type eventvwr.
Once Event Viewer opens, click Windows Logs > Application in the left column.
Bite Filter on the right, then check the box for Critical, Warning and Error.

This installer is required for Maker 2003 to work because it contains many necessary files and resources.

RTP Module: The Legend of Zelda

This installer can provide various Legend of Zelda resources for an already existing RTP


An extremely important file required for the operation of many RPG Maker games. If you’re getting the “Harmony.DLL not found” error, this is what you’re looking for.


Is Event Viewer having errors normal?

I suggest it again: it’s perfectly normal to see the event viewer showing databases marked “Error” from time to time on a normal, perfectly normal computer system.

Extract these fonts to C:\Windows\Fonts if the file contains compressed/unreadableMy text in your game.


Idraw3 is the most popular image sample editor for RPG Maker 2000/2003.


irfanview is another commonly used image editor for RPG Maker 2000/2003.

One of its most useful features is the ability to adjust high resolution images to 256-bit color or purity so that they can be used in RPG Maker without quality loss. All questions about invalid colors and shadows can really be solved by a special program.


AnimGet is a utility for easily extracting animations.

When prompted, it takes a screenshot of the entire frame (every screen refresh) and provides easy access to the graphic of the person you want to extract.


This processing gives you the ability to convert MP3 files to WAV files, also called vice versa.


ResHack is a great computer software that allows you to quickly and/or easily change the icon, glyphs, and even all three (or just one in RPG Maker 2003) screensversions before starting the game.


RM2K Utility

A utility that contains many useful things (such as Dependency Checker, Project Locker, and Resource Extractor).

The tools are primarily intended for use with Maker RPG 2000, some of them can also be used for Maker RPG 2003.

Patch Creator 1.2

If you need to update to fix your game, this program offers a very easy way to do it.

Installation Creator

A program designed to build your game, which can be installed on the client’s computer, is a cheaper replacement for the “Game Disc” celebration in RPG Maker 2000/2003.

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