Pulse Secure timed out and it can’t connect due to an error

  • Maximum size of the HARD version that the BIOS sees on Satellite Pro 4200 and 4300 series systems

    Why can’t I connect to pulse on an Apple OSX device?

    I want to replace the hard drive with a Satellite on my Pro 4340. I know the 4200 and 4300 SP series can take up about 20 GB of hard drive. I have already upgraded the SP4270 drives as well as the 20GB SP4280 drives.

    I did a search on current issues with the Satellite Pro 4200 and 4300 series wireless computers, as several other forum members have already asked this question. One respondent mentioned installing a 59 GB hard drive with no problems.

    Has anyone installed a great hard drive (or even bigger) in these 4200 and 4300 series laptops and it worked fine and did the BIOS recognize the full size of the hard drive?

    What is the largest swap disk ever created on these 4200/4300 machines?

    Unfortunately, no one can get exact information about it. All you can find are reports from different users. I’m very interested in the “Other Views” section.

    What to do when Pulse Secure is not working?

    By the way, is 60 GB HDD not enough for you?

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  • Where is the BIOS setting? -Satellite Pro 490XCDT

    My wife has milk490XCDT toric laptop and it came back yesterday with a new wireless card

    >Please, best husband in the world, install this

    Why won’t PulseAudio run on Windows?

    She said and right now I’ve been agonizing over this fucking laptop for hours :/

    It might be helpful what I can find in the BIOS settings, but maybe when I press ESC to power on, this precious model can only say:

    >Check the current system and press F1

    When I start it starts “System” (WIN98) and of course no BIOS configuration is available

    What can I do? (excluding recycling, disposal, etc.)



    I admit it. This is a very old device.
    Are you sure that your current wireless network card is compatible with your device?
    Which card did you install? minPCI or PCMCIA WLan?
    You have assumed that any Win 98 OS is pre-installed on your device. Well, I’m sure you need the correct driver too.

    As far as I know, ESC gives each power button the right to be enabled in the BIOS, but allows the opposite; F2 or F12.

  • Unable to access someOther Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-15W BIOS devices

    I’m trying to enter the bios of a Toshiba Satellite Pro S500-15W. I tried the F2 key and the FN + F2 keys do not need to be fixed without joy. I then downloaded the latest (2013) version of my BIOS update for certain series and Firewall Pulse 7 Part 32. If I try to run I would say the update gets a “this computer n is not supported” ad. If anyone can help.

    Try pressing F12 when restarting a specific device. You can very well see several options on the web that will appear. They want to be down. I have a special warning case: do you want if you have reached 7?

    Most of the time it ends up with this error, or do you have another great version, in this case 64-bit? or other OS 8.1 and 10? From your computer, look into the control panel settings with IE settings, then you can see what operating system you are using and what 32-bit version you are using for or64.

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  • I can’t find the latest BIOS for my Satellite Pro L100

    Hello everyone,

    I’m looking for a new latest BIOS to buy the Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA1E).
    I can’t see it on the Toshiba website because it’s a discount. < /p>

    The BIOS download page is located at http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_bios.jsp.
    For older solutions, if you find help, you can use the Product Type > Archive “.

    Your Satellite Pro ships with the latest WIN 3.00 BIOS.

    I don’t know if your computer has had problems lately, but if everything is working fine and stable, don’t change anything.