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What if you have a problem with your computer that is so bad that your computer won’t start at all and you’re pretty sure it’s caused by a virus or other malware? How to make sure you scan for viruses if you can’t start Windows to run the latest virus scan?

This is where the brand new bootable https://desktopmag.net/?p=41068 becomes the hero of the day. With a bootable computer virus scanner, you create a custom USB drive or CD/DVD from a given running computer, and then use the items on the infected computer to scan the hard drive for viruses – all in the hope that Windows won’t start!

Because most serious viruses damage the parts of your computer that are most commonly booted, a well-loaded antivirus can often be another powerful weapon at your disposal to remove a virus and keep your computer running safely and reliably.

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Anvi Rescue Disk is a very simple bootable antivirus. There are only three main scan buttons, two program types sections, and no user settings.

You are likely to quickly run a smart scan, any full system scan, or a technical scan to check for malware residing in a specific folder or folders.

There is also a section for troubleshooting registry issues that may have been corrupted by the virus.

The only possible thing we don’t like about Anvi Rescue Disk is that you absolutely have to scan the entire drive it finds once – you can’t scan individual, specific files like you can with antivirus software.

  • Very easy to use

  • Allow everyone to scan the entire drive or only certain folders

  • Can perform a quick or full scan

  • The ability to fix malicious changesRegistry

  • Relatively small free download size

  • Unable to scan only certain files

  • Time is no longer updated

  • AVG Rescue CD

    AVG Rescue CD is a free text-based bootable antivirus program. It can scan potentially unwanted programs, scan cupcakes, find hidden file extensions and also scan internal archives.

    Before running any type of scan, you have the option to scan just the folder of your choice, only the boot sector, just the registry, or any locally attached hard drive.

    Unfortunately, since AVG Rescue does not have a GUI on the DVD, some menus can be difficult to navigate.

  • Scans something many bootable antivirus programs don’t

  • Allow someone to scan the associated hard drive for viruses

  • Includes other tools such as the new hard drive tester

  • Hardly has a GUI like most programs, so it can be difficult to use if you’re not used to this interface design

  • Does not provide definition updates

  • AVG no longer updates or maintains this application, so virus definitions will be out of date forever. You can still try to scan, but no new threats will be found.

    Comodo Recovery Disk


    In addition to the standard installable Comodo antivirus, Comodo also has an updated free downloadable antivirus. The rescue

    The comodo drive boots from a USB device or drive, either in text mode or using a simple graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI version has a familiar service interface that is much easier to use.

    There are three different types of smart scans available: scan, full scan, or custom scan.

    Intelligent ScanCheck for viruses and rootkits in memory, boot records, autorun records and other areas, including the registry and system folder. Custom appearance allows you to select individual files and folders for scanning, rather than the entire drive.

    You can also analyze recordings, enable heuristic analysis, and skip movies over a certain size.

    It’s also true that Rescue comodo Disk includes a familiar desktop-like user interface because it’s easier to use than some other text-based browsing tools.

  • You can scan specific files/folders or the entire drive

  • Enables the ability to opt out of scanning some files

  • Supports multiple levels of analysis depending on your preference.

  • Allows you to choose between an aesthetic user interface and a composition-only interface

  • Automatically checks for updates

  • Achieving a relatively small size

  • Difficult to use the checkout optionat the file/folder level

  • Dr Web LiveDisk

    Dr.Web LiveDisk is often a free and feature rich bootable virus scanning device for Windows and Linux.

    There are a number of configurable settings, such as the selection of Dr.Web actions upon detection of infected, suspicious, or incurable files. You can also define what should happen when certain issues are detected, such as adware, dialers, pranks, hack tools, and therefore dangerous software.

    The program allows you to exclude websites from scanning, specify how large a file can be before it can be excluded from scanning, and understand the maximum time that Dr.Web will be penalized for analyzing a private file.

    We appreciate the fact that Dr.Web can check for virus definition updates directly from its program. This means that you can pay for the software in the future and usually only need to update it before running a scan.

    You can install thisAV provider to a USB device or CD, but either method still requires a fairly large download with an additional 800MB.

  • Custom options are unlikely to be found in some of these anti-virus anti-boot programs

  • Allows you to define certain types of files that should actually be scanned

  • Checks for updates to virus definitions found in software

  • Launched from a flash drive or hard drive

  • Some may take some time to download the large setup file

  • Kaspersky Recovery Disk

    Kaspersky has a so-called Rescue Disk that can also scan for viruses, worms, Trojans, malware tools, adware, dialers, and other malicious objects.

    You can choose between graphic mode (recommended) or our own text mode.

    Scan options include “Fileless Body”, “Startup Objects” and “System Disk” . They will also scan boot sectors and actual folders.

    Kaspersky Tool can also browse by accessing the file system to copy and/or delete files as needed. The Firefox browser is also integrated, as are many other good tools.

    The only downside is that the actual file is quite large, so it might take a while to download.

  • Allows you to scan specific folders, a sales disk, and other areas

  • Scans for many types of malware

  • You need to create a user interface to use: graphically with text

  • Includes other tools

  • Large upload over MB

  • Rescue ISO 600 Panda Cloud Cleaner

    Panda Rescue ISO is a special program that allows the freeware Panda Cloud Cleaner to scan the user’s computer without other processes running that can stop it and also prevent anti-virus scanning.

    First you need to downloadGet shoes and boots on the Panda Rescue ISO to prepare your computer to run Panda Cloud Cleaner. Then your computer will definitely reboot into Windows, but run the cleaner before other ideas start. All other processes are stopped, which means that this program is less likely to be interrupted by a friendly virus.

    The problem with this tool is that it may not work properly if the virus has infected your computer so deeply that sometimes you cannot start Windows. If all of this is the case, you should try one of the other tools on this list that doesn’t require Windows with a Start button.

  • Works on Windows 10 and installed Windows operating systems

  • Updating automatically

  • Can scan specific files, files and drives

  • Small upload size (less than 200 MB)

  • Does not work like a real bootable antivirus program

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