Outlook 2010 minimizes to the taskbar on startup

Open Outlook.
Go to the Windows system port and right click on the Outlook icon.
Select Hide minimized. A recent checkmark next to “Hide Minimize” indicates that Outlook is configured to https://betainsider.net/en/minimize-outlook-2010-to-system-tray-xp/ directly on the taskbar.
In Outlook, select Minimize.

Open Outlook.
Open the Windows taskbar, then right-click the Outlook icon.
Select Hide when minimized. The checkbox in front of the “Hide on Minimize” option indicates that Outlook is configured to minimize to the Community Bar.
In Outlook, select Minimize.

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Starting with Outlook 2003, you can minimize all taskbars in Outlook. Right-click the Outlook icon on the taskbar and select the Hide when Minimizing Outlook check box.

In version 2003 and later, you can minimize Outlook to the notification area. PressCheck each of our toolbars and select Hide Abbreviated Minute to enable (or disable) this feature.

In Windows 7 and later In recent years The Outlook icon may be in its own overflow area unless you change this method in the Windows taskbar properties.

How do I minimize Outlook without closing it?

Find the famous Outlook and right click it, uncheck Hide all from list when minimized. Now when you minimize Outlook, the asterisk will be highlighted in the project pane and will no longer confuse you when you close it.

Windows 7 and Always 8: Display the well-known Outlook in the notification area, type the icon from the right in the taskbar and select “Properties”, then “Customize the notification area” (or go to the “Control Panel” and look for the icons in the notification area). They have the ability to control the opening of notification area icons. Find Outlook and change it to Show icon and notifications. You will need to double-click it to repair Outlook (or right-click and select Open Outlook as well).

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How do I minimize Outlook without closing it?

Find the famous Outlook and right click it. Turn off atthe “Hide on Minimize” option in the list. From now on, if you minimize Outlook, familiar items will still be highlighted in the adventure bar and won’t confuse you anymore.


If Outlook appears minimized when you close it, look at the Hide When Minimized option.

If Outlook is minimized to Hide, it is determined that it will not be hidden in our notification area. You must expand it to hide it.

Why can’t I minimize my Outlook window?

To turn this off, follow these steps: If Outlook is running, there is almost certainly an Outlook icon in this notification area (the bottom right of the entire view) or in the system status bar (the ^ icon in this real section). in the famous Outlook to open the menu. Activate the option “Hide when minimized”

If you prefer to put Outlook 2002 in the tray, you need to edit the registry and set the MinToTray value, which helps 1.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Preferences DWORD: Mintotray Value: Start 1

go to Registry Writer, open start menu, start chat, type regedit. This will open the entire Registry Editor. Scroll down the tree until you reach “Settings” at the bottom under Outlook. In the right panel associated with the right screen, click New | DWORD as shown in the screenshot. Name it MinToTray or change the value to one (after naming it, right-click it and select Edit)

< p >Close and reopen open perspectives for the change to take effect. Now if you restrict it there, you will see a button in the cart area. Double click it to restore. To disable the feature, delete or rename the corresponding key.

If you don’t want to modify the registry, you can use this special prebuilt file:



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I’m trying to figure out how to start Outlook 2010 by minimizing it to the taskbar.

How do I hide the Outlook icon in system tray?

You can hide the Outlook taskbar buttons to reduce the space on the taskbar. Since your family is hiding the Outlook buttons, there is no doubt that the Outlook icon will appear in the notification area Only in the most convenient form on the taskbar. Right-click the Outlook icon in the notification area, then look at Hide when minimized from the context menu.

Someone provided a .vbs script for another new question with the same purpose. The problem with this script was that I believe the one that was open at startup stayed maximized on the desktop for 5-8 seconds before minimizing to a new tray.

I wanted Outlook to directly open your current taskbar and MS Outlook 2010 not open the screen in maximized view. Outlook 2010 has a splash screen that opens when downloading plug-ins, etc., after which the program should go straight to the minimized taskbar and may not open at all. Outlook 2007 did it without any problems.

How do I minimize the mail app to tray?

Open any program of each and right click on the minification device (instead of the usual / usual “left click”). TA-dah! In an application, when you right-click on the current minimize button, that application will surely be sent to the system tray, not the system tray.


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Why is Outlook not minimizing on the taskbar?

Minimize Outlook to the taskbar
You can change the default schedule to hide the taskbar button, which means it only appears as a prominent icon in the notification area. So if you don’t see great Outlook buttons or icons, they have been properly hidden or rotated.

How do I minimize a program to the system tray?

Alternatively, press Alt+F1 to minimize the window to the main taskbar.