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Server Error 500 occurs 1 to 3 times per week. This happens from time to time, but is it possible to reproduce This program? started happening since I actually enabled WPML.

September 18 Inside 2020 12:46



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Thank you for contacting us.

Before your application is passed on from one of my colleagues, let me walk you through some initial troubleshooting steps. This will help speed up the cooking process.

Enable WordPress debug logging. This will let us do it if you need to see itwhether or not PHP errors are generated. More info: Edit wp-config.php and paste the correct lines:

set(‘WP_DEBUG’, ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
define (reality);
set(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false);

Search the issue online and/or reproduce it.

Find the debug connection: /wp-content/debug.Your logs

insert the most recent lines here. No, you must include the entire log report, 50 lines will definitely suffice. Please censor sensitive areas.

September 18, 2020 at 13:35.


[15-Sep-2020 UTC] Property Note: Undefined php stdClass::$plugin: in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ Array 167
[15/09/2020 04:57:26 PHP utc] Note: StdClass::$plugin property not set: /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo in .de/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater . php in queue 350
[15/09/2020 04:57:26 UTC] PHP note: Fread(): read 8192 bytes down errno=21 Is the page /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo php up Line 6026
[15. September 2020 04:57:26 UTC] Note: Properties no StdClass installed in php: displayed in ::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/ 484 on
[2020-09-15 Online 04:57:33 UTC] PHP note: Undefined ideas index: in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ over limit 920
[9/15/04:57:33 2020 PHP utc] Property note: given: not stdClass::$plugin in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ php at 1071
[15 web. Sept UTC] 2020 Note 14:00:34 PHP: property not set 167
[Sep 15, 2020, line 14:00:34 UTC] Note php property: not set stdClass::$plugin: last /www/htdocs/w019d863/ – .php updater on line 350
[15-Sep-2020 14:00:34 utc, notice] PHP: fread(): error occurred at 8192 bytes with Errno=21 error This is the only one in the /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo directory. from /wp-includes/ function lines .php completely at 6026
[2020/09/15 14:00:35 UTC] PHP note: property not set: in stdClass /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo::$ php at 484
[line Sep 15, 2020 14:00:42 UTC] PHP Notice: Index: undefined /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo topic String from fishing up to 920
[15. September 2020 2:00:42 pm property utc]php: not set: stdClass::$plugin for /www/htdocs/w019d863/ php online 971
[09/15/2020 14:00:42 Note: utc] Unset php property: stdClass::$plugin re /www/htdocs/w019d863/ – updater . php online 07:16:00 977
[2020-09-16 UTC] PHP: Note property: undefined stdClass::$plugin Using /www/htdocs/w019d863/ php line 167< br>
[16. Sep 2020 UTC] 07:16:00 PHP Note: Function not defined: stdClass in ::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/ php line with 350
[16. Sep 2020 07:16:00 UTC] Note PHP Fread():: check for 8192 bytes failed while processing A at errno=21 while /www/htdocs/w019d863/ functions.Sur PHP string < 6026 br>
[16. Sep 2020 07:16:01 AM Property: utc] php-note: stdClass undefined::$plugin available at /www/htdocs/w019d863/ updater.php at -line 07:16:03 484
[16/09/2020 UTC] Undefined PHP notice: index: look at /www/htdocs/w019d863/ at php line 920
[Sep 16, 2020 07:16:03 UTC] Note Undefined php:home:stdClass::$plugin at /www/htdocs/w019d863/ . for php models den 971
[16. September 2020 07:16:03 UTC] A set of non-php properties: stdClass::$plugin in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ php along the way 14:26:55 977
[16/09/2020 Utc] php Property: not defined in stdClass::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/ Online perl 167
[2020-09-16 14:26:55 UTC] PHP Note: Not property set: stdClass::$plugin in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ . php from line 350
[16-Sep-2020 14:26:55 PHP utc] Note: Fread(): reading 8192 bytes failed errno=21 with directory /www/htdocs/w019d863/ .php delivered queue at 14:26:56 6026
[2020-09-16 PHP Note: utc] Property: stdClass::$plugin undefined at line /www/htdocs/w019d863/ after 484< br >
[9/16/14:26:57 2020 UTC] Note php index: undefined: la theme in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ php 920
[16. Sep 2020 14:26:57 UTC] Note php property: not set: stdClass::$plug in.found /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo -updater . php on 971
[Sep 16, 2020, line 14:26:57 utc note] PHP: property not set: stdClass::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo -updater .php online 02:49:20 977
[2020-09-17 UTC] PHP: Note property not set: regarding stdClass::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/ in php line 167
[17-Sep-2020 02:49:20 Utc] Php notice: Undefined is:stdClass::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo . php on phone line 350
[Sep 17, 2020 02:49:20 UTC] PHP Notice: Fread(): reading bytes 8192 failed with errno=21. This directory is /www/htdocs/w019d863/ . php online 6026
[17. Sep 2020 UTC] 02:49:21 note Undefined php: property stdClass::$plugin: only in /www/htdocs/w019d863/ line php 484
[9/17/2020 02:49:23 Utc] php Note: not defined See index: /www/htdocs/w019d863/ on line 920 < br>
[2020-09-17 UTC] Note: 02:49:23 undefined property assets php:stdClass::$plugin at /www/htdocs/w019d863/ .php – related string, to 971
[17. September 2020 02:49:23 UTC] PHP: Property set other than stdClass: ::$plugin /www/htdocs/w019d863/webmondo in .de/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater. php for model 977

September 21, 2020. 2:45 am Available



Thanks for the WP debug info.
The debugging message shows only some PHP tricks. This is not for the harmful zone and will notcause of server error 500.

Because it’s a SERVER error, often caused by server quirks. Ask
Could you from device/hosting support check your server log?
Ask them if there is a server error on the documents.
By looking at it, you can solve this problem in a few minutes.

Also ask them to increase MaxInputVars to 10,000
Your current MaxInoutVars is 3000

Let everyone know if you need anything else after checking.

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