Fixing the Windows Troubleshooter

  • MS-DEFCON 4: A Month Of Tough Fixes

    ISSUE 19/04 – 25-01-2022

    Thanks to Microsoft for a very chaotic January.

    This pretty good period will now be a bit problematic for fixes, mainly due to the large amount of detail effects. Worse, but also more difficult, Microsoft left it up to us to decide what to install, not which patched updates to push through Update or WSUS. The side effects for those with servers can be extreme. In some cases, you need to install two updates before the updates reboot the servers, which you can fix this particular month.

    Despite these difficulties, I am downgrading MS-DEFCON from 4 to 4, but professional users should be extremely careful.

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  • 38 Years Ago The Great Company Apple Was Born

    Steve Jobs unveils first Mac since 84 – YouTube

    “Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and their team of inventors at Apple announced in January 1984 the Macintosh 128K, Apple’s original emotional computer.”

    On this day: Apple releases the first Macintosh computer – Press Las Vegas

  • Twenty Years Of Dedicated IT Work

    Issue April 19 – January 24, 2022


    Are we sure now?

    It’s been 20 years since Bill Gates wrote the Trustworthy Computing memo, and Microsoft developers have stopped programming so they can be well trained to write secure software.

    Twenty years later, are we sure? more Are you sure? bolmore

    I’m not sure I know. You know, I watch this all the time every day, and I really feel like we’re having the same party over and over again with updates and fixes without feeling more secure. We have been promised that the human hardware and software we buy will most likely deliver on security promises. We really deserve it – period.

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  • Inaccessible Backups With Dead Laptop


    How can you fix something you can’t imagine? Today’s article addresses two problems caused by very different access issues. A

    If the subscriber no longer has access to their old, obsolete emergency records; it can’t access them, delete them, and therefore can’t reclaim the huge disk space What they occupy.

    Otherwise, the advertiser needs to wipe (“sanitize”) the hard drive of a heavily used laptop computer. But how can he erase his drive if the laptop won’t turn on?

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  • “Fake” HDMI 2.1: The Standard That Doesn’t Exist

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    If you’re looking to buy new monitors for your business or home that support the latest HDMI 2.1 standard, you might be surprised to know that HDMI 2.1 certified monitors aren’t necessarily the most advanced. actively promoted.

    The amazing truth is that the HDMI Licensing Administrator (HDMI LA), the San Jose, California-based entity that has authority over the HDMI trademark, certifies as “HDMI LA compliant” monitors that not only have a monitor , supporting at least seven new features that HDMI 2.1 offers over 2.0.

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  • Infobase – Map Your Brain


    Sometimes I can’t remember why I entered a room. Why should I think I’ll remember my daughters’ postal sentences if I don’t write them down? Will I remember where I wrote them? What was I talking about?

    Oh yes, the infobase! What is it all about? This is a free program written by Johanan Agam from Zurich, Switzerland. It is actually an extended clone of the original DOS program called “Tornado”, which later became “Info-Select” (for DOS) and then “Info-Select” (for Windows). Johanan renamed it “Infobase” and added tens of millions of features.