“Your Windows license will expire soon”: how to fix it



Perhaps, windows will tell you what the reason is.

To query your computer, open a command prompt as an administrator.

To finish, just “Start”, press type cmd and when the instant command icon appears look at it, right click and select “Run as boss”.

In the window that appears, type generate -lastwake powercfg and press Enter.

If you run this command line in this window, your computer will display text about the latest event,What caused the computer to wake up from sleep, and ideally you can use the information time to track the current problem and use it to correct the situation.

Q. I may not be able to access a completely unique and specific website address. After failing for a few days, I called and the store said there was no problem on their end. I have checked Internet Explorer Chrome and Firefox and in addition neither of them can access the website. I don’t hesitate to use another computer connected to the same network. Ideas?

A. When you visit various websites, you are privately using something called the Domain Name System, or DNS for short.

DNS is all about allowing your device to find any site with a friendly and easy to remember hostname like www.myfavoritesite.com to remember the server’s IP address.


DNS are the servers that your computer consults to resolve the IP address of the website you actually want to visit. GeneralThey are clearly determined by your Internet Service Provider and are automatically configured on your personal router and computer.

Windows saves this information on your computer, most likely if you visit the website frequently.

Unfortunately, websites change their IP address, which prevents the DNS store cache from tracking the page of the website you are trying to visit.

To fix this, try flushing the DNS cache by opening a command prompt and typing ipconfig /flushdns. This should update the cached DNS on your PC and allow IT to find the new IP address of the website you are accessing.


Windows by often microsoft is a common operating system for a very average personal computer and this is why it is widely used as it is flexible in large spaces and very functional.

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But like all extremely good things, it comes at a price. The cheapest version of the famous version of the informative operating systemMicrosoft – Windows Home 10, usually available on the Microsoft website for $139.

For most of us, it also takes a long time for normal human body functioning. Especially when you can get them for free.

That’s right, if you’ve lived under a rock all your life or are a little new to the computer world, you can download a pirated Windows program and install it on your computer for free!

However, the grip is good. If you install For Windows Free and somehow even uncheck the box, chances are that after some time of use you will get a recurring error that looks something like this: /p>

Need what you can buy now for Windows? Probably no. Coming soon

Arrangement of random moments. But don’t be afraid! There are several ways to get rid of this organization in its current form.

But before you start, you might want to check if Windows is activated. To check Windows status:

  1. Open Windows Explorer services.
  2. Right click on “This PC” on the left side of the page and select “Propertywa”.
  3. A new window will open 1″%2c545&ssl=1″%2c262&ssl=1″ with some information displayed. check below where Windows activation is prepared. , along with the product key, and then follow the instructions. If in doubt, try to activate reuse or buy windows.

Method 1: key

  1. Start enter the product from the step wherem you checked the activation status of Windows. Now click on your product key “Enable”, “Change product key”.
  2. You may need to grant access to the system administrator before you are redirected to the settings web page where you can enter your modern product key.
  3. To get the product key, press the product key, Windows key + X, and select Command https://promptchronicle.com (Admin) from the list.
  4. Give administrator access to all and to “wmic system type: SoftwareLicensingService path get OA3xOriginalProductKey”.