How to Fix a Black Desktop Screen in Windows 10

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Download Your of your start PC Windows, customers expect it to work. However, this doesn’t happen every day, especially when there’s a major bug that you don’t have and only you know how to fix.

A special disadvantage is the terrible black stouch screen. There are several reasons why it appears in Windows and 10, we will look into them further, so join us to learn how users can problems with black partitions on the desktop.

Causes Of Windows 10 Black Screen PC Issues

You probably have black screen of death, which is common on resource-intensive systems. This occurs when customers typically turn on their computers and use the rear black and white screen. Main reason

Is it worth fixing a desktop computer?

To determine if an update often costs money, look at how much it will cost and compare it to how old the computer is. “If you see a computer that’s seven or more years old from the factory and needs a major overhaul that costs more than 26% of the cost of a new computer, I would suggest not to repair it,” says Silverman.

The most common causes of problems with black on the Windows 10 desktop video bar are a damaged screen, a bad graphics card, or a bad connection.

Other reasons include malicious system files appearing one after another on a blinking and blank TV screen, a faulty display adapter, or simply your computer crashing due to a specific motherboard error.>

How To

Fix A Black Desktop Screen In Windows 10

How do I fix my desktop computer?

Click the Windows Start Menu icon.
click the gear/settings icon.
Click Update & Security.
On gOn the main panel, left-click the “Recovery” mouse button.
Under this Reset PC, click Get Started.
Click “Option Files” or “Keep All” to delete.
Press “Next.
Follow the instructions and click Reset.

  • Check itLoose connections
  • Force turn on the display
  • Try another monitor test to check for a bad internet card
  • motherboard

  • Check computer board is damaged
  • < li>Repair or replace the monitor

  • Boot in safe mode
  • Reinstall the display driver

Check for free connections

A black desktop screen may be caused by a loose connection between the computer circuit board or various cables. Check the adapter plug, make sure the concept is connected to the attached scope and source dominance to ensure good current.

Make sure

If you need it, you won’t see the sleep indicator if Plug in the monitor may be related to the power of the monitor or power cord.You can also try using a different cable or multiple connections if you do not see the Lifestyle indicator, but you see a signal from your current computer.

Disconnect any external devices such as a mouse, current hard drive, or power button, and restart your computer. When the black screen disappears, connect each of these devices in turn, find out their purpose and update the device drivers.

Wake the display from sleep

The absence of several black screen issues on the Windows 10 desktop indicates a serious problem, especially with hardware or other components. Your screen may not be recognized by Windows 10, in which case you can use the keys on the piano keyboard to force the screen to wake up. Do

To do this, most of the time press the Windows keys CTRL + SHIFT + + B at the same time. Will this restart graphically? the drivers of our computer and will it eliminate some of the backlash?

You can also press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your laptop, press the power button in the lower right corner of the test, then press Restart to restart your current computer. Your computer will execute the screen is not black again.

The problem with a black screen on the desktop could be solved with Update 10, Windows, so using the above combination of primary can help your business get out of various states, including a black screen.

You can also check which Show com/help-desk/fix-cant- adjust-brightness-windows computer brightness levels and whether to kill the process used to prevent power up.A

Try a different monitor for the faulty graphics card

The main causes of faulty video credit cards are manufacturing deeffects or defects. However, you can check if your blog is broken and needs to be replaced when you try changing the look and feel of the port. If this second monitor has a normal display, then your current one is out of order.

Make sure your computer’s motherboard is not damaged

Your video card may work surprisingly well, but not the motherboard. Aria-label=” (opens Everything inside your computer connects to the chassis, the big motherboard that allows them to properly interact and start conversations. If a motherboard short circuits due to a power surge or overflow, it may not read or consume connected cards or components and may malfunction.

Check if there is no drop and try another FX chart to see if the indicator has risen again. If not, replace the entire board now.

Repair or replace black monitor

Desktop monitor alsoMay indicate that it has indeed reached the end of its life due to factors such as high liquid content or moisture content, the monitor electronics may be faulty, not working or working, the trace is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Boot in Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, Windows 10 only starts with very simple essential apps and programs so you know if there’s anything else causing the black screen.

To enter safe mode, even if your screen is black, press the computer button and restart your device. Repeat this procedure three times to enable auto-recovery Diagnostic Mode.

How do I run Microsoft Fix it tool?

Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot, or select the “Find a troubleshooter” method at the end of a specific section.
Select the type of troubleshooter you want to run, select , select then Run the current troubleshooter.
Run the troubleshooter and then you will answer all questions on a specific screen.

Then click “Advanced” on the Start menu and select “Troubleshoot option”.

Press 4 on your keyboard to launch ten windows in safe mode.

Then login and press Win+x and Device Manager, then press Expand until you see r Display adapters section.

Right click on the new display driver, select the device from the list and disable it.

Restart your computer to complete the setup and make sure you can see your desktop. If necessary, look for the latest driver provided by Windows Update or the manufacturer’s website.

Reinstall the display driver

To do this, you need to boot into safe mode by following the steps above, press Win + X, select then Device Manager.

In the Device Manager window, click Adapters, right-click the graphics card, and select Uninstall. Click OK to complete your own deletion.

After restarting your Windows computer, the clip driver and new card are automatically installed, and you can see if the black LCD screen reappears.


Sometimes a black desktop screen can be fixed by waiting up to six hours for this task to complete, when your Windows PC is slow and unable to resolve the issue. While stIt’s worth trying the other solutions above.